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Where we live is important to us and construction in San Francisco is a hot topic.

We love being a part of this vibrant and exciting city and of course its’ economic boom, with everything this brings with it.

There is nowhere like San Francisco, for arts and culture, as well as change and social issues. And our site is dedicated to bringing news about the construction industry, in this great city and county.

With so many building projects taking place, we want to put both the resident and the visitor to the city in the picture.

Because it is important to understand the place in which we work, live and love; we bring the important information to the people and put it in an easy to read format.

If you want to know about the latest residential developments to be created in San Francisco, then we have them all documented and they can be found on our site.

We do more than just deliver the basics about the projects happening all over our city, we also ask questions about them.

Our reporters ask the difficult questions and analyze the information we get about the building projects that are ongoing.

Whatever the issues of the moment are within the construction business, from health and safety, to the spiraling costs of building projects within our city; we are there to provide statistics and reports about them.

We deliver our findings in an easy to read format, which is accessible by all – from industry insiders, to interested general readers.

So whether you want to know about the new school being constructed in your neighborhood, or how to achieve greater sustainability in your home, then our construction news site is the place to be!

For industry professionals, our site also features a brand new vacancy section, with the pick of careers in the construction industry.

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